FREE IT Network Security Check for your business

FREE IT Network Security Check for your business

The FREE Network Security Assessment is a proactive approach to discreet issues which could be potentially become major problems.

With a FREE ABCOM assessment we can check whether your computers, networks and servers are in good working order. Did I forget to mention that at the end we’ll also give your FREE report which will include some practical suggestions and cost-effective solutions.

These days we highly depend and rely on our IT Networks to run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Without a doubt we understand that the support and strength of your organisation fully depends on the health of your IT infrastructure.

Identifying and addressing critically and potential costly problems early will help your business long-term, so take advantage and book a FREE IT Health Check Assessment with us today.

Here’s what you get for FREE:

  •  Unobtrusive, discreet and totally confidential
  •  We use specialist software that does not need to be installed on your network
  •  You will receive a report on our findings
  •  It is totally your decision whether you take our advice

What can the Network Assessment uncover?

  • Point out potential security holes due to weak or unset passwords
  •  Identify potential major applications and infrastructure faults
  •  Highlights any issues that may merit further investigation

Book your IT Heath Check-up with us today, you never know what you might discover…

Visit ABCOM IT Solutions and book your FREE IT Health Check with us today call 01444 871200 or email us at

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