Hacking statistics in the UK

Malicious British hackers are far behind their US counterparts, with a meagre 0.016 percent of cyber-attacks stemming from the UK, according to security firm FireEye. The US has the most with almost 50%, more than five times more than the next country in the league table, Hong Kong.

Knowing exactly why the UK is responsible for so few cyber-attacks is difficult, though it is likely in part due to the country’s robust anti-hacker laws and police initiatives.

Britain is being targeted by as many as 1,000 cyber-attacks every hour, to steal secrets or disable systems. 40% of computer hacking attempts is for cybercrime and the most commonly targeted cyber-attacks are aimed at government and financial institutions.

Cyber Espionage campaigns are becoming more and more frequent (or at least deserve an important coverage in the chronicles). (Is this a symptom of increased attention, or simply the media hyping a story?)

Approximately 1 in 5 UK citizens have had their online accounts hacked including “email, social network, banking, and online gaming”. A new survey by the University of Kent’s Cyber Security centre found that 18.3 per cent of respondents had suffered from this sort of cybercrime.

Some attacks will be simple vandalism, but increasingly, these can be criminal attempts to subvert computers into forming ‘bot-net’ armies of computers. These are remotely-controlled computer networks to perform ‘Denial of Service ‘ attacks on websites and services, (DoS victims pay a ‘ransom’ to regain control!), steal online banking passwords, credit-card details and so on. And all without the computer’s owner being aware of their ‘complicity’.

ABCOM’s IT security package includes advice on how to minimise and counter potential attacks on your systems. ABCOM also offer a free, no obligation survey of your servers and network for weak passwords. The survey identifies, among other things, dormant user accounts, possibly of people who have left the company, but which might still present a security threat.

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