Help , Microsoft broke my computer!

Help , Microsoft broke my computer!

Microsoft have released some patches which have caused issues for many users.  Outlook is under attack by Microsoft’s own security patches — and IE still doesn’t print properly.

Microsoft have officially released a breakdown of the errors that occur after installing the June 2017 Office patches.

There are seven separately identified, potentially show-stopping bugs in Outlook that appear after you install this month’s Office security patches. For example you may not be able to open attachments, VBScript will not run, Outlook search doesn’t work, and printing does not work from inside Outlook.

Possible solutions seem to be forwarding the mail to yourself and then open the attachments in the forwarded email. Also saving the attachments to your computer and opening them manually. As a workaround  use something other than IE. .

Use OWA (office any where )as a quickfire workaround.

The issue is that after the recent wannacry outbreak the default stance is to allow patches to run freely, however if patches are allowed freely we can see the impact from bad patching from Microsoft. (Tricky situation!)

Apparently,  the word on the web is that Microsoft will be fixing some or all of its malicious patches next Tuesday, June 27.

Microsoft now has official acknowledgments posted for 16 known-bad June 2017 patches.





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