60 million websites use WordPress. The blogging/content management software now has its upgrade to version 4.0. So when you next log into the admin section you will see a tempting button persuading you to update.

As ever, users can upgrade with a single click should they choose to do so. A word to the wise, if you host your own WordPress installations then you will need to backup both the database and the content, before hitting that button.  Resist the urge to simply update!

The new WordPress platform is nicknamed “Benny”, and it is apparently better than ever and offers the chance to easily add media by simply indicating a chosen URL. The media library has also had an overhaul.

WordPress views their 4.0 platform as “just another number for us after 3.9 and before 4.1” but they have definitely jazzed up this release.

WordPress has an awesome amount of third-party plug-ins and for this reason we recommend you backup first, and plan a formal upgrade before hitting that Go button.

Similarly right through the plethora of software we use daily, your accounts package, like Sage and QuickBooks, before ever rolling out an upgrade, make sure you can recover from a failed instance. Make backups of backups, you can never be sure enough!

I used to be the sort of person that couldn’t wait to update, but now, having learnt that updating also carries consequences, such as incompatibility, software errors and ultimately frustration I restrain myself!


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