HP hardware prices set to go up December 1st

Just a quick note to let you know there is likely to be national price increase for HP enterprise equipment from December 1st this year. This will cover items such as servers and switches. More to be announced by HP themselves.Hewlett Packard Enterprise began to bump up the price of its infrastructure gear in the UK from 25 July, blaming the crash in the value of UK sterling currency for the hike.
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The value of the British pound had fallen by roughly seven per cent against the US dollar in the 12 months prior to the EU Referendum, but since the Brexit vote was down around 15 per cent.
Despite this, accusations of profiteering were levelled at companies that raised list prices in recent weeks including Dell, HP Inc, Asus and a bunch of IT components-makers.
Cisco sells its products in US dollar and so UK customers paid for the relative crash in local currency as soon the sterling started to slump on 24 June

There does seem to be a Bruit effect – evidently some slowdown leading up the the vote and afterwards,”

From the newsdesk:
HPE UK to increase list prices from December 1st
Over the last 4 months, due to the drop in the value of sterling against the US dollar, there has been a significant increase in HPE’s UK cost of sales. Through working with suppliers and reducing costs HPE has endeavored to minimize the impact to our customers. However, due to the rise in costs, plus a need to ensure harmonised pricing for our multi region customers, HPE hardware prices will be increasing. To minimise the impact on HPE’s customers and partners the new list prices will come into effect on December 1st when increases are expected to be between 6 to 12% depending on the product sku and exchange rate at the time.


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