Local IT Business gives the thumbs up to apprenticeship schemes

Local IT Business gives the thumbs up to apprenticeship schemes

Our apprentices are doing admirably here at ABCOM

Since offering both Jonathan and Alex an apprentice with us, they have settled in well with our team here and are almost half way through their program already!

Located in the very heart of Burgess Hill, local IT business ABCOM continue to support and help young people gain vital IT work experience, by offering exciting apprenticeship schemes.

Designed to help those who want to gain IT work experience and develop their skills and knowledge during their education. It’s a great way of learning the fundamental skills needed for numerous careers, whilst earning at the same time. An Apprenticeship will often work well for those who don’t want to go into full-time further or higher education, however they still want to advance their qualifications which are work related.

Managing Director Yann Davies said: “We are very excited to have our apprentices Jonathan and Alex on board and part of our team. They are doing very well and are enjoying the experience. Apprenticeships are very beneficial to both businesses and individuals alike. It’s a great way to bring fresh ideas to a business and train a business’s future workforce. I would always support young people who want to further their career and gain some essential skills and work experience.”

Apprenticeship schemes are a great way to develop skill sets and we encourage employers to look at these programs.

If you’re interested in developing your IT experience and want first-hand work experience with a friendly company get in touch with us here at ABCOM on tel 01444 8712000.

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