If you use Office 365 its not enough to assume all is secure and safe. Under the hood is a sophisticated tool set that needs expertise to ensure compliance and adequate security.

The Secure score dashboard expands your visibility into the overall security posture of your organization. From this dashboard, we are able to quickly assess the security posture of your organization, view machines that require attention, as well as recommendations for actions to further reduce the attack surface to your organization – all in one place. From this point you can take action based on the recommended configuration baselines.

The screenshot you see here represents one of our clients who use Office 365 .

Their current Microsoft Secure Score which is 430 out of 807, we have improved that from an original 23 out of 807!

We are planning to implement even more security measure which will raise their score higher.

If you have Office 365, then a value added feature is we are offering to go through your Microsoft Secure Score in order to raise the security score.

We can put in place multi factor authentication, safeguarding policies, amongst many other protective measures.

As a Microsoft Partner we are constantly improving our skillset with training and testing.



Compare your score


A good place to start is to check your security score then compare with similar industry type. The goal will be a planned schedule to increase the score realistically and with the buy in of key individuals in the company.

Secure score over time

Image of the security score over time tile

From a starting point we can track the progression of your organizational security posture over time. It displays the overall score in a historical trend line enabling you to see how taking the recommended actions increase your overall security posture. This process is involved and needs regular attention. Our business not only supplied Office 365 but also the toolset and know how to keep the score level up. This aspect may be an overlooked one for many businesses using O365.


Top recommendations tile

We can compile a list of actions and gradually work through them to increase your security score and overall Peace of Mind. Regardless of where you are located, we can help.

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