Overview of Hosted Exchange for IT London and the South East

Cloud hosting enables IT London and Sussex based businesses to seamlessly share and exchange, source and communicate through the internet. One of the most popular forms of cloud hosting in the business world is Hosted Exchange which delivers Microsoft Office Software from a cloud-based platform.

It’s essential your chosen Hosted Exchange provider understands your business needs, where you are today, tomorrow and in years to come. For some SME’s, finding dedicated time and space to manage your communication and internet logistics can be a struggle, unless you find a vendor with experience, like ABCOM, who have a proven track record to deliver regionally throughout Sussex, Surrey, Kent and including IT London businesses.

How does Hosted Exchange work?

Through cloud computing you can send and receive information and documents across an agile IT network. This not only means that you can share the documentation within your business with other associates, but sophisticated profiles mean that you can share calendars, contacts and tasks too. The data centre systems are designed to incorporate redundancy and failovers. The stress of hardware failure is mitigated as the load and estate is spread across sophisticated IT servers.

Ultimately engaging hosted solutions helps in creating a collaborative and ultra-connected infrastructure in your business, allowing employees and colleagues to communicate in a new, more responsive and direct way.

For IT London and Sussex businesses, ABCOM are ideally placed to provide this solution:


Cloud computing has revolutionised the way that businesses are run and managed. Cloud networks mean that you can access your Hosted Exchange from practically anywhere. From Outlook and your web browser on your personal computer to your laptop and smart devices, you and your employees can synchronise important documents, emails, and contacts on the move, utilising the functionality and efficiency of your business.


Managing IT systems can be costly for businesses whether you are an IT London based business or further afield. With Hosted Exchange, you can benefit from full and inclusive features as well as on-hand servicing and support without incurring other IT expense. Having your network in one place is not only more convenient, but comes with a whole host of Microsoft features to enhance your business.


A key feature of Hosted Exchange solutions is that your data, documents and mailbox are all fully secured and protected. Incorporating cutting edge Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus software, you can rest assured; your IT London based network is in the safest of hands.

Hosted Exchange 2010 and other hosting solutions are available for IT London and Sussex businesses across a range of industries.

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