Will Best Portable Real-time Devices and Applications Ever Rule the World?

Will Best Portable Real-time Devices and Applications Ever Rule the World?

At ABCOM we like to make sure we have super-efficient and most current software, applications and products available for all our customers.

Amongst a parade of amazing products and services we offer, here is a peek of some of those products we have for your business.

Providing a portable, real-time and a network analyser – then look no further, as we introduce the Capsa.

The Capsa is an awesome and powerful capture device which is easy to use. This piece of equipment allows users the power to protect and monitor networks. The item also defends threats which can potentially cause business interruption.

This handy and convenient device is a network analyser for both LANs and WLANs which includes;

  • capturing capacity;
  • network monitoring;
  • advanced protocol analysis;
  • in-depth packet decoding and;
  • automatic expert diagnosis

This clever contraption will give you a window view of total network which will allow administrators and engineers promptly diagnose and fix problems.

This really is a must have Network Management Monitoring Tool.

Capsa Enterprise is the most robust packet sniffer and packet analysis application available. Capsa’s Overview Dashboard and drill down functionality make it easy enough for a SOHO Network Manager but powerful enough for a Distributed Enterprise Network Engineer.

Just some of the key features of Capsa Enterprise include; Real-time packet capture, power to save data transmitted over local networks, analyses and identify more than 500 network protocols, can detect suspicious hosts and promptly diagnoses network problems.

Capsa Enterprise is the most hardy analysis application available.

How about a Network Forensic Analysis application for data capturing 

We also have nChronos which is a Forensic Analysis application which delivers extreme performance & critical enterprise network.

It fuses both the console and the server to provide the efficiency of 24 x 7 packet capturing. In addition, there’s unlimited data storage and solutions through traffic analysis.

It pulls all data for real-time analysis as well as any past playback, set to control medium and large corporate installations. Set to mobilise network engineers to monitor the entire network to identify any abnormal network activities and protect their companies from cyber-crime and cyber-attacks.

Alerting your company to potential cyber threats and recording all packet data – an investment you cannot afford to lose.

For all your IT Backups, Security and Network needs including connectivity, design and installs – get in touch with us today on 01444 871200 or email us on help@abcom.co.uk

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