The risk of running Microsoft XP after April the 8th

The risk of running Microsoft XP after April the 8th is serious indeed. In this whitepaper it delivers some facts that your business should weigh up.
The termination of extended support for Windows XP SP3, which will happen on April 8, 2014, is looming large for many enterprise organizations, and this deadline has motivated many customers to accelerate their migration activities. However, for some segments of the industry, significantly less effort is being applied to formal migration initiatives, and Windows XP continues to be perceived as a solution that works sufficiently for existing needs, whether it is supported or not.

This White Paper takes a deep look at the operational costs of Windows XP at large organizations and compares and contrasts those costs against operational costs associated with a current version of Windows — that being Windows 7 in every customer site interviewed for this study. This study takes into consideration both IT operational costs and selected end-user operational costs. The paper then aggregates the costs associated with ongoing support and maintenance and response to outages and hardware and software failures on the part of IT staff and calculates the ROI associated with the deployment of Windows 7 to replace aging Windows XP PCs.

ABCOM can help with the transition , but we suggest planning for this now rather than sooner. For more information please call 01444 871200

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