Why holding onto Windows Server 2003 Should Be 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

Why holding onto Windows Server 2003 Should Be 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

As well as support for Windows XP ending in April, Windows Server 2003 is set to go fully unsupported too. Equally momentous, Small Business Sever (SBS) sales officially ended in 2013 so they too are expected to end in the next few years.

Windows Server 2003

Support for Windows Server 2003 will end on July 14, 2015. This has a huge impact on the wider operation as servers are at the canter of any business operation. Businesses depend on their server infrastructure to be reliable and secure to allow them to meet their daily duties.
The 2003 Server Operating System (OS) has continued support, but when Microsoft support ends, Server 2003 won’t be protected on IT networks.
After July 2015, if you continue to run Windows Server 2003, your establishment could increase its vulnerability in terms of security as all security patches will stop from this time.
Sever 2003 is currently being run by a ten year old Server OS technology to run critical software applications. As you upgrade your Server OS it’s advised to get a review of your business software and hardware requirements. The current release, Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012 is the only ones you can buy.

Microsoft makes a significant move away from Small Business Server (SBS) as an OS platform. Microsoft created the SBS platform to allow small companies to use a single server which can also be the domain controller. However, using this server can cause hardware failure which causes problems for your IT network, which in return costs time while backup files are being restored.
The introduction of Server Virtualization will provide built-in agility and performance, adapting to the future IT needs necessary to help grow your business. This technology allows organizations of all sizes to run multiple machines (VMs) on a single piece of hardware, which allows for operating systems and applications to run on a host server, which means servers won’t need to be tied to a single piece of hardware under the VM protocol.

Be prepared

IT Network Upgrade Considerations can be a laborious and time consuming. It’s vital to start preparations now before Server 2003 reaches its end of support and the SBS platform is being phased out. Implementing upgrades will help your organization be prepared.

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