Why Office 365 needs to be part of your business

Ladies and gentlemen , here we are. 2015 and the “cloud” is here in full swing.  As UK broadband speeds and reliability get better, so too does the ability to trust more so in the off premise solution.

Maybe two years ago there was still some resistance to putting systems and data into the cloud. Nowadays, I think we can agree that it is generally safe, and accepted as part and parcel of a technical solution for any business. However, there has always been the fear for the business user, what if something goes wrong in the cloud, what if the datacentres come crashing down, what then?

Well the perfect scenario would be the blend of elements, both offsite and onsite.

Office 365 and Windows Server 2012 offer great benefits to any business wanting to push forward.

One of my customers said to me once, “If something major happened I just want the ability to be able to grab a computer that has all my company data on it and simply walk out of the premises”.

We understand that notion, and to be honest our business works on this hybrid model, although most of our systems and data reside in a secure cloud we have also engineered that the company data can be physically reached immediately, this is in light of our  Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

Considering how your data is shared between cloud and on premise is essential when considering a BCP Plan.

Essentially “what if?” needs to be asked and if your business can have some sort of fail-over within its IT strategy then you are well on your way.

When ABCOM are engaged in organising Office 365 and server 2012 solutions, we consider three things ultimately for the customer : 1. Budget 2. resources and 3.practicality. Once the systems are setup, then our support service gets on with day to day helpdesk and overall management of your systems. However, there is so much more to this. Now that agile IT systems are implemented , we need to nuture ther ongoing development for the client in line with the business needs. For example, where your business was 6 months ago ,is not where it will be in 12 months time. Aligning a cloud based solution means we can quickly swap tracks as and when the business needs to. If we need to gather business intelligence with a CRM or ERP solution then it is easy for us to blend in other software solutions.In fact, whatever a business needs can be scoped and implemented, within budget and expectations.

We can now promote this blended cloud based solution as an affordable way to ensure you get what you want. Microsoft Office is the crux of most businesses so we can easily recommend the convienience of the cloud delivery that is Office 365. However, if needed we can also take an extra step to maintain the sensitive onsite control of data, CRM and accounts by opting for an onsite server running Server 2012. Using a centralised dashboard in Windows Server to manage all PCs and devices—you can rest assured in the knowledge that your data is further protected with daily automatic backup of every computer on your network.

ABCOM will help to configure this solution for you so that it is painless and seamless. Once the systems are set we will proactively watch over them and of course, on a day to day basis, check Anti-Virus integrity, and that software patching and data backups are all working as they should.

If you already have an IT team, we can work alongside to ensure licensing is correct, implementation is smooth and any technical issues are avoided.

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