Print Brokers

Case Study
Face Media Group


Brighton based print broker specialising in business and promotional print across the country.

Business Situation
Our client wanted a proactive IT solutions partner to work alongside and develop their systems as they grow. Backups were a particular concern.

New high-tech software was deployed to backup data and systems.

All the company’s computers were connected up to one main network share and this was backed up. Not only was the data in a safer place but systems were backed up too.

Our client are a print brokers based in Brighton. They utilise a network of 40 presses around the country and abroad. Acting on the clients behalf they have been designing, preparing artwork, proofing and ultimately providing a high quality end product for many years.

The Situation

The client were generating more and more data that needed to be archived, backed up and accessed easily. Many systems existed for data backups only but ABCOM were called upon for an effective solution.


“Certainly data was a big concern and I wanted something bulletproof. ABCOM very early on always seemed to have their finger on the pulse with this type of thing. They introduced software systems that automated our backup and that’s a relief to have that burden taken away.”

The Solution

We setup a system whereby key data and systems would be backed up. Importantly this data needed to be offsite.

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