Secondary School

Case Study
Davison School



Industry The school was founded in 1812. The school accommodates around 1080 students across five year groups. Solution The IT department were seeking a practical and effective web filtering system to keep their staff and students safe on line. Benefits The categories already defined in the web filter have saved their IT department much configuration time.  To allow or deny access to individual sites has become very easy and quick to do.


This is a secondary school serving pupils aged 11 to 16 in West Sussex. 

The Situation

The school needed a quality web filtering system to keep their staff and students safe on line. The school has approximately 1200 users, all connected via wired and wifi connections, therefore the software needed to be able to handle this load as efficiently as possible and deliver a scalable firewall solution.

IT Manager

“We purchased Untangle as a web filtering system to keep our staff and students safe on line from ABCOM since 2011 and are delighted with the speed and efficiency with which the license and software were made available to us. “

The Solution

The schools IT manager said: “The software is that good that we have had no cause for calling support and the web filter, virus blocker, spyware blocker just do their respective jobs.

In conclusion I would like to say a big thank you to ABCOM for providing us with an excellent product which not only is a great tool for schools as it is endlessly configurable, but also comes at an affordable price, with the added backup of expertise from ABCOM “.

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