Scout for Microsoft Azure

Our cost-saving platform, Scout, is specifically designed to help businesses streamline their spending on Microsoft Azure, ensuring that they get the most value for their money. By leveraging detailed analytics and AI-powered insights, we will deep dive into your organisation's Azure consumption. We aim to help pinpoint areas where resources may be underutilised or unnecessarily expensive.
This targeted approach not only cuts down on wasteful spending but also drives smarter, more efficient cloud resource management. We are hoping by helping with this service you will have an opportunity to see how our business can help yours.
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Our platform can help your business save on Microsoft Azure. The software identifies opportunities to save money on unused licensing, zombie accounts, and duplicated functionality. The report also looks at your security score and many more insights.

The great news is we are offering this service for FREE.

By illustrating cost savings we hope that we may be able to start working with your business. 
To qualify we simply need to schedule a 1-1 online meeting and discuss the process.
Read below some of our resources regarding Scout for Azure.

Check out our our Azure Health Check
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Check out our Azure Product Sheet
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