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For Businesses looking to save money. We can help look into your Microsoft subscription environment and see where your overspending completely. This service is free of charge. If you like what you see we hope to work together.
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What is Scout?

We use an AI-powered platform to help organisations optimise cost, security, and resource management within Microsoft 365 and Azure environments. Where other cost optimisation tools, such as Microsoft Cost Management, allow surface-level monitoring and optimisation, our platform takes it to the next level with in-depth governance, cost management, admin logs, tagging and cost allocation.

What are the benefits?

Reduce Microsoft Spend

On average, our software will reduce your annual expenditure. For example, we estimate saving Azure spend by up to 30%. This is achieved through an AI-powered understanding of usage and expenditure to regain control over cloud resources and their costs.
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Gain Clarity on Microsoft Billing

The software analytics and reporting capabilities can help you identify duplicate functionality and associated costs in your Microsoft environments. These insights can enable you to reduce their expenditure or assign these costs to improving your security posture.
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Follow Best Practices

By asking the right questions about resilience, security, usage optimisation, and cost, we can help your business get the most out of your Microsoft investment. These best practices will not only reduce costs and improve security but also reduce churn.
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Improve Security Posture

We can help you identify gaps in your and security posture without requiring multiple third-party solutions. The AI-powered recommendations will indicate which applications should be replaced and highlight potential cost savings.
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Inform, Optimise and Secure with SCOUT

Business Relevant Reporting –SCOUT provides detailed and precise reports that empower financial operations teams to manage cloud consumption, generate accurate forecasts and facilitate straightforward cost allocation. 

Cloud Economics –Leverage AI tagging to align end-user IT billing with business categories and associate resources with business contexts to facilitate financial operations cost control activities while adapting to their evolving cloud environment.

Detailed Recommendations – Our recommendations engine provides actionable recommendations that drive cost optimisation, tailoring each strategy to your cost profile objectives.

Cost Strategies – With the cloud landscape constantly evolving, our software enables you to have a comprehensive understanding of contractual usage optimisation, sprawl and right-sizing.

Zero Trust Alignment – The platform was designed in alignment with multiple pillars of Zero Trust, including identities, networks and policy optimisation with the ability to track and measure security posture improvements over time.

Secure Identities – Improve the organisation and efficiency of Active Directory and Azure tags by using business context, automation and optimal license allocation while tracking resource usage and managing staff changes.

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