Cyber security simplified understanding nst 2 for small businesses.

Cybersecurity Simplified: Understanding NIST 2.0 for Small Businesses

Yann Cybersecurity 10 minutes

Cybersecurity has become a paramount concern for businesses of all sizes as cyber-attacks continue to rise. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks as larger businesses typically have robust security processes. Thus, SMBs face unique challenges when managing cybersecurity risks; due to limited resources and an ever-evolving threat landscape, SMBs often find themselves in a precarious position.   …

Attention charity business leaders.

Cyber Security Awareness Event: Empowering Businesses and Charities

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🔥ATTENTION CHARITY & BUSINESS LEADERS!🔥 💥Are you ready to LEVEL UP your cybersecurity game?💥 STOP being an easy target for cyberattacks! It’s time to arm yourself with the knowledge and tools you NEED to protect your organization! 🚀Join our FREE Cyber Awareness Event NOW!🚀 🎯WHY? Because cyber threats are NOT slowing down, and neither should you! 💡WHAT WILL YOU GET? …

Acomm achieves gold accreditation with Acronis.

ABCOM Achieves Acronis Gold Partner Accreditation

Yann News 3 minutes

ABCOM Achieves Acronis Gold Partner Accreditation ABCOM, a leading provider of technology solutions based in Burgess Hill, is proud to announce it has achieved the Acronis Gold Partner Accreditation. This recognition underscores ABCOM’s commitment to delivering the highest level of cybersecurity and data protection solutions to its customers. Acronis Backup and Cybersecurity Software for Businesses is a comprehensive solution that …

Debunking 5 Cybersecurity Myths for businesses.

5 Common Cybersecurity Myths Your Business Should Be Aware Of

Yann News 12 minutes

Thankfully, businesses are now more aware than ever of cyber threats and are starting to take cybersecurity very seriously. PwC found that nearly 64% of UK CEOs are concerned about how cyber threats could harm their ability to sell products and services. Indeed, taking into proper account your organisation’s cybersecurity is a vital part of running a modern business. This …

How crucial are passwords in the realm of cyber security?

The role passwords play in a world of cybercrime

Yann Guides 9 minutes

In previous articles we have described that there is a multi tiered approach to adopting cybersecurity. This is an ongoing process and needs to be constantly reviewed and improved upon. One very important aspect and should take priority, is safeguarding the use of passwords. For businesses, one weak password can be the cause of a major cybersecurity incident. For this …

Q&A session addressing SMB cybersecurity concerns.

Cybersecurity for Small and Medium Businesses – Q & A time

Yann News 9 minutes

It is no surprise that the past 2 years of remote and hybrid working has significantly accelerated digital transformation for most small and medium businesses. Although the implementation of new technologies has changed the way that these businesses function, it may have also created many potential security risks. As businesses move into 2022, it is important that all small and …