Two professionals discussing data analytics on a dual monitor setup with a presentation title overlay: "SharePoint: Best Practices for Businesses.

SharePoint vs. OneDrive: Best Practices for Businesses

Yann News 11 minutes

In today’s digital world, collaboration is key. To power real-time collaboration, using a platform that allows you to share files and edit documents can help your business become more productive and better utilise your team’s strengths.  Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive can do this, but they excel in different ways. Choosing which one to use in your business and for what …

How can you make better use of microsoft teams?.

How to make better use of Microsoft Teams

Yann News 10 minutes

Microsoft Teams has taken the productivity world by storm. That’s because it’s so much more than just a chat app. The true power of Teams lies in its integration with the rest of Microsoft 365, and its emergence as a one-stop-shop collaboration hub. As businesses across the country have made the move to hybrid work, technology should empower employees to …

Why should businesses migrate to sharepoint online?.

Why should businesses migrate to SharePoint Online?

Yann News 7 minutes

Why businesses should migrate to SharePoint Online Microsoft SharePoint was launched 2001 and over the past   20 years has massively grown in popularity with over 200 million users relying on the product in 2020. SharePoint Online is a cloud-based content management tool that enables users to store files online for sharing and collaboration. A well-designed SharePoint site also reduces the …