Maximize Microsoft Teams with direct routing.

Make the most of Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing

Yann Guides 2 minutes

Direct Routing allows you to connect Teams to preimum voice service providers. This allows you to take advantage of cheaper call rates, more flexibility, and better support. It’s also helpful for users locked into existing contracts with other PSTN providers. They can use Teams without any contract violations. Put simply, Direct Routing enables users to make and receive external calls …

How can you make better use of microsoft teams?.

How to make better use of Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams has taken the productivity world by storm. That’s because it’s so much more than just a chat app. The true power of Teams lies in its integration with the rest of Microsoft 365, and its emergence as a one-stop-shop collaboration hub. As businesses across the country have made the move to hybrid work, technology should empower employees to …