Tax data blues

If you use QuickBooks for your company’s finances, you may want to be careful.

Threat actors are using malware to export your QuickBooks data and post it on the Internet, where anyone can misuse it as much as they want.

Here’s what you need to know to stay safe:
✔️ Make sure you’re limiting your QuickBooks administrator user access as much as you can – professionals recommend that only one user have the access they need for this information.
✔️ These attackers are getting access to your systems through phishing emails. Offer security awareness training and make sure that your employees are on the lookout for signs of fraudulent emails.
✔️And in case an attacker is able to get past one layer of security – have multiple rings of protection in place to stop threat actors from extracting your data.

Keep Your Networks Safe

Just as a cold virus spreads around your office, so, too, can unwanted intrusions like computer viruses. Don’t allow an electronic epidemic to get started; take steps ahead of time to prevent it:
Discourage employees from excessive web browsing. This can be a hard rule to enforce, as some employees probably need internet access for research, timecard entry, and other work-related tasks. Create a firm policy legislating what workers can and can’t do on company-issued equipment (including tablets and smartphones) or any personal devices that use your wireless network.

Ask employees to refrain from using public networks on work equipment. Enforce the rules vigorously, and make compliance an element of performance evaluations.

Minimize app installations on business smartphones. Employees should ask for approval. Viruses and malware get in that way, as well as through some websites and email attachments.

Use Common Sense

Shred papers that have sensitive information on them. Log out of QuickBooks when you’re not using it or when you leave your office. Be aware of who may be around you, looking over your shoulder. We take data security very seriously in our own office, and we strongly encourage you to do the same.

Losing your financial data to these criminals could be devastating for you and your business for years to come. Can we help you reduce your risk?

Our managed service is your safety net. Our software helps detect intrusions and potential issues.

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