The 2021 Guide to How to keep your business safe from anywhere, on any device – Hybrid Working – Cyber Security

After months of working from home, restrictions have now eased, and many businesses have implemented a hybrid work model whereby employees work both in the office and remotely.
This comes as no surprise as a recent survey found that 47% of employees would be likely to look for another job if their employer failed to offer flexible working arrangements.
Hybrid work has many variations, and employees share differing views on what is the right approach to the new workplace, however, one thing is certain, the future of the modern workplace is hybrid.

In our capacity as a Managed IT service provider we are able to cater for whichever model your business takes up. We are comfortable in maintaining your office staff and remote workers.

When the lockdown occured we were able to quickly switch on remote working for most of our clients as this had been the modle we had been helping them to adopt.

Now the emphasis is on bolstering the security and making the way your business works and connects better.

In this guide we review challenges and solutions for hybrid working.

Its the future so lets embrace it now, ensure your data is secure, your workforce working effectively and lets keep your business agile.

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