Why are hardware warranties important?

The importance of hardware warranty

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Warranties are often an overlooked item when making a technology purchase, perhaps  because they can be somewhat confusing.

Usually machines are sold with a basic one-year warranty, but sometimes an extended warranty is an optional extra.

More comprehensive cover may be available, for example weekend support or even extending the warranty period to 3 or more years.


It’s been said, there are two types of machine – those that have failed, and those that are about to fail. All one can do is try and mitigate the issue. Have an important financial report due at the end of the day? Not a problem; until your computer’s internal hard drive suddenly fails. You may have a backup in place but there is still the drama of replacing the hard drive and getting the data back into place. Broken hardware costs time and money to fix, presents a risk of a loss of consumer confidence, and can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Having a suitable warranty for your computer saves the cost of paying for new parts and decreases the amount of time it will take to resolve the problem.

Insurance for Equipment

This means that money saved on buying replacement parts for warrantied machines can be allocated towards other areas of your business budget. The basic message is, warranties act as insurance for your equipment. If a failure occurs and is covered, no problem. If it isn’t, it’ll likely end up being costlier than the worth of the warranty.

Peace of Mind

Warranties, by their nature, provide you with peace of mind.

Knowing your workstations are covered means that any hardware-related hiccups you may encounter will be resolved rapidly. Importantly, resolved by dedicated engineers, supplied with genuine parts.

Ensuring all your hardware is in warranty not only gives you peace of mind, but enables us to do our job better. Warranties help you to quickly recover from technology problems.

All technology plans should include the routine review of existing warranties to ensure that a hardware failure is a temporary hiccup, and nothing more than a hiccup to your bottom line.

We typically supply the hardware and register the warranty with the manufacturer. If an issue occurs, we can liase with the manufacturer and ensure that when the repair happens the hard drive (for example)and its data are replaced. Typically, we will liaise with the engineer to this effect.

In conclusion

Why it makes sense to work with ABCOM – we document the systems, liase with HP or Dell, etc, and advise you of the appropriate cover.

Warranty is another layer in the armour.