Tools to Help You Stay Safe in a Brave New Cyber World

People across the world are beginning to realize just how vital cybersecurity is. As more people start talking and thinking about cyber risk, that number will keep growing.
Due to Corona virus many business IT networks were uprooted and scattered to remote landscape. From the office we decamped and went to work from homes. The security for home broadband and systems may not be quite as efficient as those that are better regulated from the office. In the office the networks have IT support , internal firewalls and a host of network protection.
The cyber threat is growing and affects us all. Just recently the Florida Water systems were hacked and the potential for disaster was enormous. We cover that in a recent article you can find here: HACKERS TRY TO POISON WATER IN FLORIDA
So everyone needs to be mindful and vigilant.
Maybe, after hearing about a recent breach, you may be now worried about your own IT security. Maybe you now want better protection for your own business data. Peace of mind that a potential data breach breach is kept at a distance.
You need to ask now, is your company data backup and general cyber hygiene good enough to withstand a cyber attack?

Perhaps you don’t know where to start.
Well at ABCOM we have got you covered. Here are 3 tools that will help kickstart the process for you:

? Protect your business: The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has built a new tool to help you build a Cyber Action Plan. It will walk you through your current security measures and help you build resilience for the future.
National Cyber Security Centre

✔️ Check to see if you have a problem: Tools like “Have I Been Pwned” can help check to see if your email address and website have been compromised, and to help you take steps to secure your accounts.

? Build a framework to protect yourself: We’re offering free cyber health assessments that can help you choose the right cybersecurity…And they’re available right now.

We can also help you gain CyberEssentials accreditation so that you can have peace of mind your business reflects knowledge and understanding of Cyber security. Having this accreditation demonstrates to your suppliers, your customers and all firms that you deal with , that you care enough to be making these kinds of steps.

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