The recent destruction of Notre-Dame spire has been met with lots of donations and willingness to help. Ubisoft recreated Notre Dame in digital form for their Assasins Creed Unity game. They have stepped up to donate not only money but have also offered the digital models used in the game. Games being produced these days strive to be as accurate as possible with content, and especially the Assassins Creed games.

One of the game’s artists, Caroline Miousse, said she spent two years working on getting the look of Notre Dame Cathedral, which is one of, if not the, biggest structures in the game, just right.

The game, which is set in two time periods: the French Revolution and World War II, features the cathedral both inside and out.

Before the game was released, Miousse had spent 80% of her time working on the church.

Ubisoft also has staff historians to check and get details for the game.

Miousse had worked with those historians to get every detail right, including where paintings hung on the walls in real life. She also incorporated more recent additions, meaning after the time period of the French Revolution – like the iconic spire that collapsed in the fire. It was added because players of the game already have a mental picture of Notre Dame Cathedral and it was felt that something was missing.

Surprisingly Miousse didn’t ever see Notre Dame Cathedral in person before recreating it in a digital realm. But after she was done making it for “Assassin’s Creed Unity,” she visited Notre Dame, saying she felt like it was deja vu. When a guard wasn’t looking, she planted a quick kiss on one of the walls.

While Assassin’s Creed Unity was met with some criticism, there’s no denying the level of Ubisoft’s work was gorgeous, especially in the way it captured and preserved the original architecture of Notre Dame. It’s worth exploring.

The maker of the Assassin’s Creed games will donate €500,000 (about £433,000) to the reconstruction of the fire-damaged Cathedral of Notre-Dame.

Ubisoft are also offering a free copy of Assassins Creed Unity from their site by 25th April. I’m off to revisit Notre-Dame in the game and take a good look at the spire.

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