We attain a new Microsoft cloud competency







Passed with flying colours!

The team here at ABCOM are happy to announce that we have just received today our confirmation that we have achieved the Microsoft Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions Competency! To earn this competency, Microsoft Partners must demonstrate that they are able to fulfil the ever-changing needs of the dynamic business environments of today; they must provide customer references to exhibit successful implementation and customer satisfaction and show their expertise through examinations.
“We’re are very happy to have attained this competency, this demonstrates to our clients and peers we have a firm grasp on today’s technology market especially Microsoft and their products,” said Yann Davies, Managing Director.
“The aim is with better knowledge of agile IT systems, we are better enable our customers’ success by serving as both business & technology advisers. The market is increasingly based on consumption of products and services, with our guidance we can help develop a strategy for your business enabling rapid change and direction.
We are always looking to expand our knowledge and skills in order to uphold our quality services in this ever-changing market.”

What does this mean for customers?
It means we know what we are doing! As an existing Microsoft partner, authorised to supply Microsoft cloud solutions including Office 365 and Azure. ABCOM have had to meet a number of milestones set by Microsoft for Cloud software management and deployment in business.
Benefits to Our Customers
Cloud-based solutions are scalable, cost effective and allow a more flexible approach to working including:
• Real-time collaborative working ensures many people can work on the same document, without having to email versions between each other
• Access your files everywhere – on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices
• Increased protection against loss of data with reduced costs
• Business continuity
• Data backups and easy access to archiving – data is backed up and easily retrievable in the event of a business disaster

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