SCOUT for Microsoft 365

Our innovative cost-saving platform offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to optimise their Microsoft 365 subscriptions and curb overspending. This  approach not only reduces unnecessary expenditure on Microsoft 365 licenses but also enhances overall operational efficiency. This service is essential for any business aiming to better control their software spend and gain clarity.
The image displays the microsoft 365 logo, consisting of a four-paneled colored square with red, green, blue, and yellow sections, adjacent to the text "microsoft 365" in a sans.
Our platform can help your business save on Microsoft 365. The software identifies opportunities to save money on unused licensing, zombie accounts, and duplicated functionality. The report also looks at your security score and many more insights.

The great news is we are offering this service for FREE.

By illustrating cost savings we hope that we may be able to work with your business.
To qualify we simply need to schedule a 1-1 online meeting and discuss the process.
Read below some of our resources regarding Scout for M365.

M365 Health Check Documentation
The acrom m655 health check.
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M365 Product Documentation
Abcom scout for m355 features.
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