Horizon for microsoft teams revolutionary voice solution for businesses.

Horizon for Microsoft Teams: A Voice Solution for Businesses

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How to make and receive calls globally with Horizon for Microsoft Teams Microsoft Teams is a popular collaboration platform that allows businesses to communicate, share, and work together online. However, to enable voice calling within Teams, businesses need to either use Microsoft Calling Plans, which can be expensive and limited, or use a third-party solution that integrates with Teams. Horizon …

Transition to cloud communications planning.

The benefits of Cloud Communications

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Compared to traditional, capex-intensive, on-site systems, the financial advantages of Cloud Communications are clear and compelling. But the economics are just the beginning of the real business value. Expand your opportunities Free from the constraints of a physical location and a fixed workforce, you can expand your opportunities and grow your business. Ensure seamless experiences By integrating multiple communications and …

Office 365 enable secure remote work with microsoft 365.

Enable secure remote work with Microsoft 365

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So how can Office 365 make the essential difference to your business? In this downloadble presentation we show you how Small Medium Businesses can benefit with productivity, communication and security. If you already have M365 we can help you truly unpack the suite so you can achieve so much more. For more information call us or email action@abcom.co.uk More information

The 2021 guide to hybrid working cyber security how to keep your business safe from anywhere.

The Move to Hybrid Work

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The Future is Hybrid After months of working from home, restrictions have now eased, and many businesses have implemented a hybrid work model whereby employees work both in the office and remotely. This comes as no surprise as a recent survey found that 47% of employees would be likely to look for another job if their employer failed to offer …

10 technology trends that will reshape businesses in 2021.

10 Technology Trends That Will Reshape Businesses In 2022

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The past two years have been a period of immense change for all businesses, regardless of size or industry. Businesses and employees alike have adapted to these changes by harnessing technology to enable productivity, collaboration, and communication. For some businesses, this was the first time they truly embraced the cloud with Microsoft Teams, cloud storage and IT systems to enable …