Did you know? 60% Of Companies Go Under Within 6 Months Of Being Hacked.

Hackers never rest, Neither do we.

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Penetration Testing

We dive deep to identify vulnerabilities before attackers do.

Our pricing model makes it affordable for all shapes and sizes.

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Professional Services

Benefit from our wealth of experience to bolster your security strategy.

We also offer outsourced vCISO and human risk awareness services.

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Microsoft Secure Score
Improve your Microsoft 365 security posture and stay ahead of potential threats. We get under the hood of your data and network and help bolster your business security stance.
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Firewall Management

We can supply, configure and maintain firewalls.

We can also help with lots of other services including recycling IT equipment through to the cloud and data migrations.

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Bolster Your Defences

Our services will proactively prevent unwanted hackers on your network.

We're all about top-tier network security.

Think of us as your cooperative shield against the ever-changing world of cyber threats.

Our unique cyber stack is ready to go.

Rest easy, we can work together to ensure your business is in safe hands with us.

Donna Nerantzidis
Voyager Travel – IT Manager
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Secure Your Network, Boost Your Business: Pen Testing Made Affordable.

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