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What details do we need to move our broadband over to ABCOM?

Details we need to move over a broadband line.

Once the order has begun processing we will then organise the installation.

Please relay the phone number/Circuit number of the socket you wish to use. To find this out look on the socket there may be a number or circuit number.

Plug a phone in and either dial your mobile number or 17070.  If the number comes up as withheld dial 1470 before your phone number or before 17070.  This is only for lines that have a dial tone.  (SoGEA/FTTP lines this will not work on).

We will need to get the Full address and postcode of the business and the name of the business where the line is going.

We will need an onsite contact for the day of the installation.

An engineer will be there from 8 am if an AM appointment is required or until 6 pm if it is a pm appointment.

Details for Broadband install

Details for Broadband install


Broadband installation

Broadband installation



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